40 years of experience in accessory manufacturing

Little Giant Europe is one of the leading suppliers of accessories for lift trucks in different industries. Over the past 40 years we have delivered in-house developed and manufactured products around the globe.

Standard products and tailor-made specials

We offer our customers a wide range of standard products for application in different industries. We also develop products for specific applications and specials made to the customer’s measure by means of the most advanced 3D-CAD systems. For all goods handled with a lift truck, our extensive team provides the most suitable and durable solution.

Quality and expertise

Durability, consistency and continuous improvement guarantee reliable materials with low maintenance costs for our customers. From the design, the choice of material, the dead weight, the accessory size and free view we take into account optimal proportions.

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Quick after-sale service

Our after-sale service is always ready for maintenance and repair works. Specialised maintenance technicians, the new ERP system, our design engineers, an extensive stock of standard raw materials and spare parts make sure that the most accurate solution can always be implemented quickly and efficiently.

About us

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