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B1D FPN FORK SPREADERS – fork spreading outside frame – with forks

  • For medium intensity use
  • Minimum front extension dimensions and additional weight.
  • Solid construction
  • Ertalon contact strips
  • With simultanious fork movement - flow divider
  • ES = with integrated side-shifter (2 hydraulic functions)
Mod nrT/mmCap kgs/mmA mmB mmC mmDxEmm F=1200mmV mmCG mmQ kgsFEM ISOES €F+ p/100mm €
FPN 15-S1-2/5001500/500560-1500765580100x40972202422OROR
FPN 15-M1-2/5001500/500560-1700965580100x40972062652OROR
FPN 15-L1-2/5001500/500560-19001165580100x40971932852OROR
FPN 25-S2-3/5002500/500560-1550840635120x401072292993OROR
FPN 25-M2-3/5002500/500560-17501040635120x401072113173OROR
FPN 25-L2-3/5002500/500560-19501240635120x401072003553OROR
FPN 35-S3-4/5003500/500560-1600890680120x501112733713OROR
FPN 35-M3-4/5003500/500560-18001090680120x501112554053OROR
FPN 35-L3-4/5003500/500560-20001290680120x501112404403OROR
FPN 45-S4-4,5/5004000/500560-19001200680140x501212334683 - 4OROR
FPN 45-M4-4,5/5004000/500560-21001400680140x501212205053 - 4OROR
FPN 45-L4-4,5/5004000/500760-23001200680140x501212294783 - 4OROR


  • Special design for reach-trucks on request
  • Special dimensions / designs on request.
  • Model without forks but with fork adapter plates:

Same price as standard.


  • Supplement for bolt-on forks
    • FPN 15-45 OR
  • Quick disconnect claws
    • FEM2 / FEM3 OR
    • FEM4 OR

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