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B1J FFCI INTEGRATED MULTI- PALLET HANDLER - with four bolt-on forks and separate side-shift, for 2 or 4 pallets.

  • Double fork adjuster with fork supports on double chromed shafts suitable for forklift trucks with twin wheels.
  • The construction of the enclosed frame with internal fork spacers is extremely stable while providing optimal visibility.
  • Standard with separate side-shift 2 x 100 mm.
  • Suitable for pallets 1000 mm wide.
  • 2 hydraulic functions
Mod nrT/mmCap kgs/mmA mmB mmVorken 2400mm BuitenVorken 2400mm BinnenV mmCG mmQ kgsEA €
FFCI 607-8/6003600/1200560-1800204080x7080x701805101370€ 18.594
FFCI 808-10/6004800/1200560-18002060100x7080x701805201550€ 21.207
FFCI 1008/9005500/1200560-18002060100x7580x752105301770€ 23.182
FFCItot 32T/1200Tot 32T/1200Op aanvraag (ook voor kleinere capaciteiten !)


  • Dimensions (V) and (CG) from front flange plates.
  • Weights (Q) are exclusive of flange plates.
  • To be provided by the customer:
    • either the original mast carriage
    • or the drawings, journals, mast rollers and if necessary the chain anchors
  • Special designs available on request.
  • Telescopic forks on request

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